Dear Friend of South Pasadena:


Just last year, the community supported efforts to retain the City’s Utility Users’ Tax (UUT). Thanks to generous donations and dedicated citizens, that effort was successful. The measure passed by nearly 80%. Once again, however, the City of South Pasadena needs our support

Even with the UUT, South Pasadena, like many California cities, finds itself unable to balance its budget. The cause? We are facing ongoing pension expenses and rising costs for personnel, contractors, and materials. Despite sound fiscal management and rigorous budget oversight, South Pasadena officials predict a deficit of $1 million by June 2021 and $2 million by 2026. 


This requires a choice: raise revenue or make major cuts in services.

A survey this spring showed 68% of likely voters favored increasing the sales tax to fill the budget gap.

Measure A Will:

  • Maintain South Pasadena City services and programs

  • Close the gap created by the budget deficit

The City put Measure A on the November 5th ballot, asking voters to approve a small 0.75% increase in the sales tax (seventy-five cents per $100) to reach the state maximum of 10.25%. Funds from the increase will go to South Pasadena.

Without Measure A, We Reduce or Eliminate:

  • Maintenance for city roads, sidewalks, storm drains, and parks

  • High-quality paramedic, fire, police, library, senior and youth services

So far, 27 other Los Angeles County cities, including Pasadena, Arcadia, Glendale, and Burbank, have already passed similar measures. On November 5th, South Pasadena voters will join those in Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Irwindale and Claremont in voting on an increase to benefit their own communities.

Measure A is projected to raise $1.5 million annually. All Measure A monies go directly to the City to help balance the budget. No other agency can take these funds.  And, the individual impact will be minimal for residents. For example, a $50 dinner out will cost only 38 cents more.

Measure A Funds Stay Only in South Pasadena

We must continue to improve and maintain infrastructure, roads and sidewalks. Parks and recreation facilities require upkeep. We need resources to reduce traffic congestion.


Preserving superior public safety services is also vital. Let’s keep our fast 9-1-1 response times, along with community policing and fire-safety programs.


We want to save our top-notch public safety departments, street and infrastructure repair programs, safe neighborhoods, high-quality City services, and community traditions like the 4th of July Parade and music and art festivals.


South Pasadena Committee for Fiscal Stability 2019—Yes on Measure A, formed to support the ballot measure and to communicate the importance of this new revenue.


The South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has already endorsed Measure A.


Will you support the campaign to pass Measure A and join us in our efforts to Keep it Local?


Dean Serwin, Co-chair
Yuki Cutcheon, Co-chair

Sally Kilby, Fundraising Chair

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